Modern and Efficient Software Development

CCTech is a software development boutique where innovation and creativity combines with performance and security to craft exceptional digital products. The team is formed of an experienced group of engineers with over a decade of expertise in software development and cybersecurity with successfully delivered projects in various industries.

pnpm add -g @cctech/ai

Top Tier Accessible Services

Our goal is to bring modern software development at your fingertips and allow anyone to have access to the best quality process.

Free Code Audit
We would perform an analysis of your existing code base and architecture. At the end of the procedure a report would be created with a feedback according to our expertise. The report would address three major criterias: performance, security, best practices.
Feature Analysis
Analyze a set of requirements if you are planning to develop a new feature or start the development process of a new project. We would assist you in estimating the amount of needed work and split the requirements into milestones for an agile development process and organized project management.
Trial Period
Our goal is to bring top tier quality software development at your fingertips and make it accessible to anyone. Based on the duration of the project we could offer from 3 to 6 months trial period with a significant discount.

Creative and Innovative Process

Change the world without any limits or barriers to your innovation. Let us worry about security issues and integration of your components.